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0014621ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-02-21 04:25
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Summary0014621: use StyleSet names if available instead of just displaying ss01, ss02, ss03, …, ss20
DescriptionSince the new text layout engine is in place, GSUB style set tables can be activated. That's awesome! However, the interface just displays ss01, ….

It would be nice to display the strings, that in FontForge are accessible via the menu bar → Element → Font Info (Ctrl-Shift-F) → StyleSet names.

I don't want to fire up some font editor (e.g. FontForge) to have a peek how the particular tables look like.
Implementing this feature makes scribus more usable for users, who don't have had any touch with font design processes.
Additional InformationIf for one particular StyleSet a string for only one language is stored, use that one, even though Scribus' user interface is some other language.
Otherwise use the human readable display string that matches the user interface language.
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2017-02-21 04:25

developer   ~0043487

I opened a ticket in harfbuzz for this request. current now there is no api to get names of StyleSets.

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