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0014637ScribusImport / Exportpublic2017-03-13 06:19
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Platformx86 64OSWindowsOS Version10
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Summary0014637: Cairo-generated PDF from OpenStreetMap doesn't work as expected in Scribus
DescriptionI've attached a PDF that was generated by OSM, which uses Cairo, and found several issues.

1) Direct import into a document as a vector file doesn't work at all.

2) Opening the file works, but trying to edit it fails.

3) Copying the successfully loaded PDF to the clipboard and inserting into another Scribus doc fails.

4) Exporting the file as a Scribus-generated PDF and importing into a doc as a vector file fails.

5) Importing into an image frame works, thanks to gs.
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2017-02-21 06:56



2017-02-22 11:27

updater   ~0043489

i tested the osm file with scribus1.5.3-r21779 on macos 10.11.6

1) import as a vector file works, but the .pdf file size is only a small part of the vector file.

2) editing works, but when you ungroup the vectors, all the stuff outside of the defined .pdf area becomes visible.

3) 'spiekeroog' → scrapbook and scrapbook → another .sla file works (again with the whole supplementary stuff, but the visible part is aligned on the upper left corner of the page as in the original file)

4) not tested (no microsoft office available)

summary: probably not a scribus problem.
scribus handles a problematic file (page size of 667.1×425.4mm with elements up to 6778×2909mm) as good as possible…


2017-02-24 08:47

administrator   ~0043491

I tested the file on Windows 10 and openSUSE 42.1.

1) Import as a vector file doesn't work at all. I only see fragments of the file.

2) Opening the file directly works, but editing is impossible. As soon as I ungroup it, all bets are off.

3) Scrapbook doesn't work at all.

4) Not sure what you're trying to say here.


2017-02-24 17:07

updater   ~0043492

1) take a closer look!
these are not fragments of the file! what you see is the whole coastline from the river 'ems' to the 'jade' with all the islands. only a small part of this stuff lies in the media-box of the .pdf file - the mayor part is outside…

2) the same here: as soon as you ungroup, the 'big picture' is visible (and scribus scrolls to the upper left corner of it…)
editing works. (but it's a hard task to edit a file with thousands of nodes with the very basic node editor…)

3) haven't seen another problem as the fact that everything is visible after the way through the scrapbook.

4) i interpreted 'importing into a doc' as importing into a .doc file (which is the old msWord format) – export as .pdf and import into a new .sla file ('file' → 'import' → 'get vector file') works with the only problem that the whole map is visibe again…

i can't test it under windows here (someone else should do this) – but i'm almost sure, you misinterpreted what you saw…


2017-02-26 07:59

administrator   ~0043497

I didn't reply correctly re 3). What I meant was that copy and paste (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V) doesn't work.

As for 4), I successfully opened the file with Scribus and exported it as PDF, but Scribus was unable to handle its own exported file correctly. This had nothing to do with Word. Doc is a common shortcut here for Scribus document.


2017-03-13 06:19

administrator   ~0043578

Another observation: Exporting a file including the PDF in an image frame takes about an 30 minutes or more, depending on other content.

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