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0014644ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2017-02-25 15:44
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PlatformOSWin 7 ProOS Version
Product Version1.4.6 
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Summary0014644: Rotating a frame stops resizing snap/align working properly
DescriptionWhen a text frame is rotated 90deg (to get vertical text) it will not snap to guides when resizing. I assume this is because the edges are not being compared to the guides of the new orientation. Similarly, when using align by resizing it seems to get its new horizontal and vertical edges mixed up, i.e. when you align to bottom with another frame, the size changes horizontally rather than vertically.
Steps To ReproduceMake two text frames and some guides. Set snap to guides. Set rotation of one frame to 90.
1) Try resizing both frames up to the guides.
2) select both frames and try aligning the rotated fame to the top, bottom or sides of the other frame
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