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0014667Scribus-public2017-03-16 22:19
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0014667: simplify the paths for the custom templates
Descriptionby default, scribus searches for custom templates in ~/.scribus/templates

since the user is supposed to "manually" put templates in there, before being able to use them, it's probably a bad idea to use a hidden directory.

as far as i know, no "system" has a standard path for custom templates, so we probably cannot go for the common way...
(well, imo ~/.scribus/templates is a good path... but people struggle with it... and most of our users are by far no sys admins and are not used to put files in hidden directories.)

my proposition:

- scribus only looks for custom templates in the path defined in the preferences.
- by default the path is empty and the user cannot create or use custom templates. (when first opened, the "browse" button suggests the "documents" path)
- if a user tries to create a template and the path is empty, she gets a warning about the path in the preferences being empty.
- when saving the template, scribus only asks for the name (and not the path), makes sure that the name does not already exist and then saves the template in the custom templates path.

i can work on this feature, if there is an agreement, that this is a good idea.

remark: this only concerns the custom templates not the default templates distributed with scribus!
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2017-03-12 19:05

administrator   ~0043574

r14667 now as a messagebox telling the user to go to prefs.



2017-03-14 09:14

manager   ~0043595

i'll give it a try!


2017-03-15 18:03

manager   ~0043609

not bad!

"You have not defined a location to save document templates to.
Please go to the Scribus application Preferences and define a location in the Paths section."

i would just add a line break and a "the" before "Scribus application"

and maybe, the first sentence could be:

"You need to define the location where your templates are saved."

but i'm not an english speaker...


2017-03-16 22:19

administrator   ~0043623

Updated it now

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