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0014715ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-08-19 06:09
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Summary0014715: Feature like LateX \hfill
DescriptionI often need to place the abbreviation for an author at the end of an article. If there is no additional space for an extra line this has to be placed in the last text line right aligned, even if the the article itself is justified. So in the bottom line there are the last words of the article beginning from left side and the abbreviation right aligned. Between there is some free space. To avoid the temporary solution with putting in a fix number of spaces it would be a good idea to have a possibility to insert a stretchable white space like the LateX \hfill command:

"The \hfill fill command produces a rubber length which can stretch or shrink horizontally. It will be filled with spaces."

Is it possible to implement this?
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