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0014721ScribusTypographypublic2020-04-28 10:37
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Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0014721: Orphan control doesn't seem to work.
DescriptionWidow control works fine, but orphan doesn't seem to. Take a look @ screenshot
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2017-04-06 19:55


window_orphan_bug.jpeg (211,435 bytes)   
window_orphan_bug.jpeg (211,435 bytes)   
window_orphan_test.sla (22,066 bytes)


2019-12-05 09:22

developer   ~0047201

I tried to understand what is the problem. As far as I understood the code, there are two functions dealing with Orphan & Widow which are:
moveLinesFromPreviousFrame() => this only for frame to frame
adjustParagraphEndings () => called at the end of a frame or column

to fix this problem we need a new function moveLinesFromPreviousColumn() and introduce a new var maxColumnChars to store max chars in one column and works similar to m_maxChars to text frame. Then copy moveLinesFromPreviousFrame()'s logic in moveLinesFromPreviousColumn().

Unfortunately, my laptop takes almost one hour for any change in pageitem_textframe header file and I don't have free time these days. I wrote this analysis hoping somebody can implement it since it is a handy feature.

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