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0014776ScribusGeneralpublic2017-04-30 08:53
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Summary0014776: Better default values
DescriptionSome default values should be adjusted, according to a seasoned DTP professional:

1) Interval of Autosave: 5 minutes

2) Visibility of Guides: always on top of everything else

3) Image Frames: Adjust image to frame

4) Typography -> Super-/ Subscript -> 0 % ( personally I think it should be less than 33 %, but more than 0)
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2017-04-26 13:05

manager   ~0043849

2) i'm not sure it's better in most cases. i'd like more than one opinion on this, before making a change.

3) is only a deal breaker if the image has the same proportions as the frame.
    - auto fitting avoids wondering where the image has gone (when the top left corner is white)
    - when you defined the right size and resolution in gimp, free scaling and fitting the frame to the image allows to easily get the right size.
    both are ok to me. no need for a change. but no resistance to change either.


2017-04-27 04:59

administrator   ~0043853

As to 2: It's simply confusing users once they learned how to use guides.

As to 3: We seem to be on the same side here. The current default set causes a lot of confusion with newbies and even experienced layouters.


2017-04-27 14:38

manager   ~0043860

no, 2 is not simply confusing. personally, i normally don't want to see guides on top of my images.
and i'm fine with making a change for the few cases when i have a solid background.
as said: more opinions are probably needed before making the change.
and there might be betters ways to making the setting more accessible... (because it's indeed hard to find about it)

i don't think that 3 is confusing for experienced users. (personally, it's my default behavior and i don't plan to change it)
the first steps for the beginners would be simpler if images were autoscaled... on the other side, we will have many newcomers who will be convinced scribus only has auto fitting of images...
not a clear cut case.

both defaults have +s and -s.
i'm fine with both.
probably, an heuristic would be the best solution: if the image somehow fits the frame use free scaling, if it's much bigger than the frame (> 150%?) go for the automatic scaling. (and the user must still be able to choose one of both as the default behavior, that is, disable the heuristic).


2017-04-28 20:28

administrator   ~0043869

Last edited: 2017-04-28 20:28

I fixed 2) in 1.5.x by changing default rendering order. Default rendering order is now, from bottom to top: Grid, Margins, Content Objects, Baseline Grid, Guides. I placed baseline grid after content objects because formerly baseline grid could not be seen in text frames if frames had a background color.


2017-04-29 05:03

administrator   ~0043874

Thanks a lot, Jean!

What about the saving interval? Almost all DTP professionals told me that five minutes would be better than ten.


2017-04-29 17:23

updater   ~0043879

the exact value of the default saving interval doesn't really matter – a professional will go through the main settings when he installs something like scribus. (i know at least one 'semi professional' who uses one minute…)


2017-04-30 08:53

administrator   ~0043882

utnik: But a five minute interval as a default value makes more sense than a ten minute one, doesn't it?

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