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0014778ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-04-27 08:11
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Summary0014778: hyphenation of a connector
DescriptionHyphenation of double words at the connector should be doubled in Polish language.
Steps To ReproduceFor instance: bialo-czerwony. The hyphenation of such word at the connector should looks as follows: "bialo-" at the end of line and "-czerwony" at the beginnig of a next line. Not "bialo-" and "czerwony".
Additional InformationThis bug is almost a copy of 0014240, but 0014240 has bad category. An example image from notable Polish Scientific Publishing House (PWN) attached.
Tagsedit, hyphenation, text


has duplicate 0014240 closedjghali feature request - double hyphen as an option 



2017-04-27 06:35


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