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Summary0014800: Hyphenation instructions don't work with copied and pasted text
DescriptionIf a text has been copied to the clipboard and is being inserted into a text frame, the default hyphenation settings don't apply.

This is a different and hard-to-explain behaviour compared to inserting text via the keyboard or importing text, where the hyphenation settings apply, provided automatic hyphenation has been activated.
Steps To Reproduce1) In the Doc Setup, activate "Hyphenate Text Automatically During Typing" (which is already misleading, because this setting also applies to text import).

2) Type text, use sample text or import text.

-> Hyphenation works.

3) Copy text from a plain text file, a formatted text file (e.g. ODT in LibreOffice) or a website in a browser to the clipboard and insert it.

-> No hyphenation
Additional InformationTested on Linux and Windows with versions 1.4.7svn and 1.5.3svn.

Copy and paste should be no different from typing or importing at this very basic level.
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has duplicate 0015401 closedjghali Pasted text could be hyphenated 


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