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0014810ScribusFontspublic2017-05-23 14:14
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0014810: add filters and batch actions in the preference's fonts list
Descriptionmain features:

- filter by name
- batch activate / deactivate the listed fonts

possible features

- filter by path
- other batch actions
- ...


related to 0014412 new Add an option to exclude font directories from being available in Scribus via the Prefs 



2017-05-22 13:44

reporter   ~0043921

I recently experimented with select all/deselect all buttons and selection of multiple rows to change their state with one click (I commented a video of this in
Does this seem useful to this feature request? Or would it be better to just have the possibility to filter and activate/deactivate all visible items.


2017-05-22 16:32

manager   ~0043922 is an interesting approach.

having a "conventional" filter looks a bit more straight forward to me (easier to discover and trigger) but being able to check/uncheck a bunch of selected items would also have been a fit.

all in all: if it's used in multiple places, @djfun method could be a non intrusive way of triggering action on list of items.

do you see other places in scribus where this approach could be used?


2017-05-22 19:59

reporter   ~0043924

are there any other really long lists in scribus?
to make the feature more discoverable and therefore useful, we could have the option to select multiple elements in the list and then buttons to activate selected, deactivate selected, activate all, deactivate all.
after a quick look through my most used software and a google search I have found no example of software that uses a "activate all visible elements" approach. Maybe you have an example? We would only need 2 buttons for this method, but if no other software is doing it this way, it may be more difficult for the users.


2017-05-23 12:51

manager   ~0043931

if i understood correctly, mantis (this bug tracker!) is such a software.
scroll down to the end of the list of the tickets to find the button...

you then have a button for batch actions and a drop down to select the action you want to perform on the selection.
having the actions at the end is -- of course -- not really a good idea...


2017-05-23 13:26

reporter   ~0043932

mh, I am not sure if that is the same type of behavior. As there is no shift/mouse multiple selection possibility in html tables, the "select all" does help here with dealing with many list elements. But more importantly it only selects them. The action to perform (which would be the activation of the fonts) on the selected elements is separate from the selecting method. So no matter how you selected your elements you only perform the "permanent" action on the selected elements and not on all visible ones.
Maybe I am putting too much thought into such a minor functionality, but this is what I would expect from such a list/table widget.


2017-05-23 14:14

manager   ~0043933

yes, with your workflow it's on the selected, with a filter on all visible...

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