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0014873ScribusUsabilitypublic2017-06-20 06:48
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Summary0014873: allow material sticking out of render frame (like protrusion in text frames)
DescriptionI use LuaLaTeX in redner frames to typeset paragraphs of running text for book covers, because of superior results of Knuth-Plass plus microtype. As I enable protrusion in microtype, there are some characters slightly sticking out of the frame which get CLIPPED in scribus. This is unlike text frames, where protruding characters do stick out of the frame shape without getting clipped. This issue is a request to (optionally) allow in the placed PDF for material sticking out of the render frame body (of course, it does not make sense for raster-image frames like POV-Ray).

My current workaround is to place the render frame 1mm off the guide (which is rather inconvenient) and add 1mm margin to the LaTeX page, e.g. this would be for a colum of width 111mm:

   \usepackage[margin=1mm,papersize={113mm,150mm}]{geometry} % leave 1mm for protrusion

The result is perfect but the frame outline is not aligned. A screenshot is attached.
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2017-06-20 06:48


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rf.png (44,487 bytes)   

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