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0014893ScribusGeneralpublic2020-12-11 13:56
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Summary0014893: page grid not centered
DescriptionIn the document setup's Guides section it is possible to enable a Page Grid, where you can set the spacing for the major and the minor grid.

While it allows to set the spacing, it does not enable to set the initial offset. So of the spacing is large relatively to the page size, but the page size not a multiple of the spacing, the spacing appears odd. Even if the page size is a multiple of the spacing, it might be at a different location than wanted (e.g. without a centered line or column).

furthermore, vertical and horizontal grid cannot be set independently, e.g. to divide both width and height into 9 or whatever pieces.

- allow to set vertical and horizontal spacing separately
- allow to set a vertical and horizontal offset where the grid starts
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2020-12-11 13:55

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0014893 fixed

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