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0014917ScribusUsabilitypublic2017-07-19 21:23
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Summary0014917: Text along path should allow reversed text direction
DescriptionText on path allows one to select offset and vertically flip the text. It does not offer the ability to write backwards (flip horizontally). Vertical flipping leads to mirrored characters, whereas horizontal flip writes the text in the opposite direction, which can be often very useful. There are 4 possible flips, 4 combinations of horizontal vertical. Horizontal flip can be currently worked around by inverting the path sense in external tools (scribus does not offer that possibility, as far as I know).

A possible more native workaround would be to allow negative character width scaling (currently impossible) combined with negative manual tracking (possible).
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2017-07-19 21:23


text-along-path-page001.png (225,814 bytes)   
text-along-path-page001.png (225,814 bytes)   
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