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0014966ScribusGeneralpublic2017-08-27 08:17 Assigned To 
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Product Version1.4.6 
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Summary0014966: Will not open document
DescriptionThe summary says it. Have been working on this doc for about 2 weeks and now it won't open. It is only 445 KB so it's not unusually large. Please help. Very important doc.
Steps To ReproduceI open Scribus and attempt to open the doc from inside Scribus. It just hangs with the rainbow wheel turning and turning. I command/option/escape to force quit and try again. Always the same result no matter how long I wait.

I have also dragged the doc to Scribus to open it with the same result.
Additional InformationThe introductory section of this doc, which is a separate file, opens but it takes a long time and the rainbow wheel spins BUT it does eventually open. This file is only 91KB.
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2017-08-26 10:05


02_Letters_Joe_Anne_Scribus.sla (444,719 bytes)
01_Letters_Joe_Anne_Scribus.sla (90,982 bytes)


2017-08-26 10:40

updater   ~0044364

both files open within less than 3" (macOS10.11.6/scribus 1.4.6) – could be a problem with an image…

2017-08-26 11:57

reporter   ~0044365

But this doesn't help me figure out how to open the file, find the problematic image.


2017-08-26 12:06

updater   ~0044366

imho the bug tracking system is the wrong place for tutorials – you should go to the forum with your problem. (and post here again if it's either a scribus-bug or something else…)


2017-08-26 12:45

manager   ~0044367

02 opens very slowly here and is hard to use afterwards.

i would tip on a too long chain of text frames.

you should cut your text flow at each end of chapter.
you can do that by going to the frames where you can think a break is ok (a new letter) and use "item > text frame links > unlink and cut text".

you can try to restart your computer and only open scribus afterwards or opening the document on a computer with more ram (without copying over the images).

or you can temporary rename the directory with the images, so that scribus does not fill the memory with them.

if you need more help -- as utnik said -- come to the forums.


2017-08-26 17:30

reporter   ~0044369

Thank you a.l.e. I was able to open the doc by renaming the photo folder. I will take your advice and create more text frames. I am also going to check the images and see what the problem is there. Thanks again. Appreciate your help.


2017-08-27 08:17

manager   ~0044375

it's very likely that there is no issue with the images.

renaming the images folder just freed up some memory.

once you have cut the chain, just rename the folder back to the original name and everything will be fine again.

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