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0014975ScribusStylespublic2017-09-02 15:14
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Summary0014975: Background color too low in the line
DescriptionWhen using background color style, the color area is too low on the line. It's not verticaly centered.

So as to speak css, there is a quite wide padding-bottom, but absolutely no padding-top : colored area goes quite lower than lowest part of descendant, but doesnt go any higher then highest parts of ascendants.

It would look much better with equal top and bottom paddings (as for example in openoffice, or as does the system wide text selection tool ).

AMOF, When there is an accenctuated uppercase, the colored area is better placed. It appears height of colored area depends on font size, but precise y vertical placement of colored zone depends on highest part of a letter on line (not necessarily in colored part).

Vertical placement is OK when there is a very high glyph included in the line,
but looks bad when there is none
and looks very bad when there is absolutely no ascendant in line.

In coloring background of text in open office, or when using the system or scribus selection tool, vertical placement of colored zone doesnt depend on highest glyph in the line. Whether there is a high-glyph or not, it looks verticaly centered around the line. That looks better.

See screnshots.
It's part of a scribus text frame in edit mode. The center line with orange background has been selected using the mouse.
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2017-09-02 14:51


sample various situations.jpg (86,588 bytes)   
sample various situations.jpg (86,588 bytes)   


2017-09-02 15:12

developer   ~0044394

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As for now, there is a hack to get correct layout :
  replace some space with a biger-than-other-letters 'l' glyph with no color (glyph color is set to none or blank : it isnt visible.)

In a 8 pt text line, insert a 12 pt no-color 'l' glyph in the line instead of a space : the background-color area's vertical placement becomes evenly centered.

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