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0014982ScribusImport / Exportpublic2017-09-10 07:19
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Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0014982: Repeat PDF export when file is opened by a PDF reader
DescriptionIf you select PDF Export in the File menu, it is very common that the target file already exists and is opened by a PDF reader. In this case, the export is stopped with a warning.
Unfortunately, there is no way to close the target file and repeat the export because only the OK button is available. So you have to repeat the whole export dialogue.
A REPEAT button would be very helpful here.
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2017-09-10 07:19

manager   ~0044400

the current behavior works perfectly for me.

i'm asked, if i want to replace the pdf file and if i say yes, the pdf viewer automatically reloads the open pdf.

if a change is made, please do not break (or make worse) the current one.

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