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0015043ScribusImport / Exportpublic2017-11-20 14:50
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Summary0015043: SVG-Import: Scribus reducing free space between Objects
DescriptionFrom Scribus Facebookgroup post:

Hello everyone,
importing an .svg file (inkscape) in scribus with two objects. Inkscape clamp my two objects together but there should be some space in between. I´m able to move them in scribus and change the space between but since this is the logo I do need the exact distance, thus this is no option for me.
Any idea?

It just seems to reduce the space between the objects. [Have a look into attached file]
One guy: Hmm... I think there's an issue with the SVG import on Scribus. The file seems to open fine in Gimp, Firefox, and Chrome. I tried the couple of other SVG save as options in Inkscape and that didn't seem to help. It does seem to work fine to save as a PDF in Inkscape and import that into Scribus. Maybe someone with more SVG knowledge can have a look at it.
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2017-11-20 13:14


SVG-Testfile.svg (5,808 bytes)   
SVG-Testfile.svg (5,808 bytes)   


2017-11-20 14:17

administrator   ~0044641

Please provide the fonts used in that SVG.

I had a look at your sample file. In the <svg> element, the "width", "height", and "viewbox" attributes basically set the measurement unit for that document to millimeters. Comparing the coordinates in the svg and the coordinates after opening your svg in Scribus is then simple. And at least imported coordinates in Scribus appear to be correct.

One note: your sample document is "inkscape" svg. Inkscape is known to include private attributes which affects rendering in Inkscape. For importing SVG in scribus, you should save your document as "Plain SVG".

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