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Summary0015143: Remove the C-C-T (and replace it with features support?)
DescriptionThe C-C-T information was useful at a time when the support was done by a small crew of core developers and when one of the few core functionalities could be missing on the target computer.
(BTW, people do not seem to think that there might be a tool tip on that letters... myself, I thought about checking if only when I was almost finished with this ticket...)


- Most people doing support do not know what the letters mean
- On most systems Scribus is installed with all relevant dependencies and the information is not so important anymore.
- There are many more features (most of the time much more relevant!) than those three that are optional (and could be missing)

As a first step, i suggest to remove the C-C-T: there are more users worrying about things they're not concerned about than users being able to solve any issues by looking at at the C-C-T (in the last few years I've not eared of any issue that has been solved by looking at those letters).

I suggest that we first remove the letters from the about dialog and replace it with a new tab in the same window with the very same information, but without the abbreviation.

We can use this ticket to collect the other optional features that should be listed:

- probably each format provided by librevenge

We could have a field saying if the feature is optional (OSG, librevenge...) or recommended (lcms).
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