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0015179ScribusUser Interfacepublic2018-03-20 09:36
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Summary0015179: unify text tool preferences and default styles

- text frames are created with the default styles applied but "no style" is shown in the PP
- default styles are defined through the preferences of the text tool.


- the PP should never allow / show "no style". every bit of text must have a style applied and shown in the PP.
  (if it's possible to create text that has no style applied, we should change that and make styles mandatory).
- enable the "edit > styles" dialog when no file is open.
  - for now, eventually, disable the creation of new styles if no files are open
- remove from the text preferences the formatting that is also in the styles.
  - if it makes things easier, store the formatting in the preferences, at the same place where the old settings were saved (but it will probably be easier to create new entries with all the properties that can be set in the styles)
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2018-03-09 16:19

manager   ~0045034

one more issue: the font related settings in the document properties probably do nothing...


2018-03-20 09:36

manager   ~0045060

what do you think about this proposal?

i might work on it, if there is an agreement on which changes should be made...

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