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0015233ScribusGeneralpublic2018-03-29 22:18
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Summary0015233: detect if a "to be recovered file" is owned by an open session of scribus
Descriptioni don't know if it's possible to do it, but it would be nice if scribus could detect that a file to be recovered is owned by a running instance of scribus.

currently, when i start a second instance of scribus, i get a dialog asking to recover the file that is open in a different scribus instance.

this seems only to happen when a new document is open, unsaved, but has already hit the automatic saving.
(or, maybe, generally, when another instance has an unsaved document that has been automatically saved)
Additional Informationno idea, if people see this in production.
personally, writing this ticket made me aware how to avoid to be disturbed by the dialog (just close unused new document or save the unsaved ones...)

but if "normal" people see this, the could be a bit confused...
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