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0015293ScribusUser Interfacepublic2018-04-30 18:10
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Summary0015293: wording for footnotes option "Liaison auto" (automatic linking)
DescriptionIn french UI, the dialog for footnotes styles dialog features
- 2 checkboxes "Auto Height" and "Auto width".
- a third checkbox "Liaison auto" checkbox which means "automatic link".

What kind of automatic link is it ?
When checked, scribus updates the top position of the footnote frames automaticaly when the bottom of the maintext frame changes. It doesnt when this option is unchecked.

AMOF the "link" is the "position" *

A better wording would be to replace "Liaison auto" with "Auto position".

Beside, for all 3 of these options, i feel that "dynamic" would better reflect the behaviour than "auto" (at least in french : "dynamique") because "automatique" leads to think it is "automaticaly created" when in fact, not only it is automaticaly computed at creation time, but also it is later continuously updated.

* note that scribus allways updates which frame the note is attached to, even when the note goes from one frame to another frame in a linked text frame chain, whether this "Liaison automatique" option is checked or unchecked
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2018-04-30 16:29


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