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0015307ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-03-20 14:08
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Platformx86_64OSWindows OS Version7 SP 1
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015307: KRA import failure
DescriptionThe KRA file in the ZIP archive cannot be imported into a Scribus image frame. The image frame remains empty, and the file was created before the format change in Krita 4.
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has duplicate 0016067 closedjghali Importing kra file not working 



2018-05-09 08:54

administrator   ~0045217

The third party zip parsing code we use find header consistency issues in the .kra file. WinRAR shows also that the folder containing layer resources does not have a name... Which is not ok.


2020-03-20 14:08

manager   ~0047443

see also

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