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0015322ScribusUsabilitypublic2018-05-14 17:12
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015322: Scribus looses selection when going into preview mode.
DescriptionI love Scribus 1.5.5's shortcut for preview mode.

Scribus forgets whatever the user selected in 1.5.5 when the user goes into preview mode. This is very inconvenient because you need to continuously re select what you previously selected.

E.g. suppose I selected one thing and adjusted it. I went into preview mode and then realized that it has to be moved slightly up. So I press ctrl+alt+p to go out of preview mode. Nowwhatever I selected earlier has lost focus. I again need to move my hand away from my keyboard to my mouse to reselect the object() then use arrow keys to move the object and then ctrl+alt+p to preview. When I go back out of preview mode the objects are deselected and the loop repeats. Since we tend to make many visual adjustments in a short period of time. For certain task this process is more difficult than it should be and leads to more hand strain.

Would it be possible to store the selection state of objects before you go into preview mode and restore it on exiting preview mode?
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a few text frames
2) Select one of the text frames and move it slightly up
3) With it selected go into preview mode (Ctrl+Alt+p)
4) Now go out of preview mode (Ctrl+Alt+p)

The selection state of the frame you previously selected is lost so now you need to reselect it and then do whatever you wish with it.
Additional InformationI just noticed that preview mode in Scribus 1.4.x and in 1.5.x behave differently. In 1.4.x preview mode allowed you select and move objects while in the preview mode. Scribus 1.5.x does not allow such a thing but it does provide the really convenient ctrl+alt+p shortcut. This necessitates having to go out of this mode to tweak the visual appearance of elements on the page. Maybe that is why I find the workflow different.
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