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0015327ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2018-05-17 05:00
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Summary0015327: Create a G'MIC plug-in for Scribus
DescriptionG'MIC continues to be one of the "cool kids on the block" when it comes to image editing. It's being developed externally and "only" needs to be adjusted to Scribus's requirements. It would provide us with countless image manipulation options in one go.

Both the GIMP and the Krita version are Qt-based, so it would only require a few hours work, according to an estimate by Boudewijn Rempt.

The biggest problem, according to Boud, is Mac OS: "I build the gmic-qt plugin for Krita myself. I also made a macOS port. The thing is, the gmic people designed their gmic-qt plugin like a gimp plugin. That is, it's a separate process that communicates with gimp or krita through shared memory segments. I had to implement something like that for Krita... On macOS shared memory segments are very limited, and when I wrote the gmic-qt krita code, I didn't know that, so on macOS only very small images were possible, like no more than 4mb or so. I need to come up with a different way to send image data between krita and gmic-qt."
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