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0015473Scribus-public2018-11-26 19:37
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Summary0015473: overwrite the default styles when importing styles from another file
Descriptionwhen importing the styles from another file, there is no way to import the default styles from the other file.

imo, the settings of the current default styles should be simply be overwritten with the ones being imported.
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2018-11-24 17:59

reporter   ~0045658

I've also experienced problems importing other files. However I have a different solution.

I suggest that all styles have a document id attached to reflect the document where they were created. For example, the styles in my base document could be "doc001.default character style". If I imported pages from another document, its styles would be preserved as, for example, "doc-002.default character style".

I suggest that this is better than the current practice of renaming styles as "copy of ....". I also don't support the idea of overwriting styles on import. Usually I want the importing document's styles to have precedence.

Since (hopefully) this would eliminate renaming of styles on a page import, it should also mean that the styles don't get re-applied - which currently wipes out some of the overrides contained within the text (e.g. bold text seems to be preserved but character-width/spacing adjustments aren't).


2018-11-25 18:29

developer   ~0045660

Last edited: 2018-11-26 16:46

[EDIT] Ok i understand that this report is specificaly about the "Style manager > Import" feature.
This proposal would be better than as-is-today messy behaviour.

IMO idealy i would prefer to be warned beforehand in case there is a conflict : "warning, it will overwrite current style definition".

(I initialy misunderstood the report, hence ale's answer.
About the "style import" that happens during "pages import" or "copy'n'paste across document etc, see style conflict management proposal : or )


2018-11-26 11:32

manager   ~0045663

jluc, please explain why this proposal would be inappropriate.

in the import dialog you can pick which styles you want to import and if you choose the default style, you want it to override the local one.
otherwise you would not be checking it, wouldn't you?

just to be clear: this ticket is about the behavior when explicitly importing styles from another document, not when copy pasting items between documents or importing pages from another document.

the tickets jluc is linking to, are about a very different (even if potentially related) use case.

just to be clear:

- in the current import style dialog you can already pick if you want a copy of the styles or overwrite the original ones.
- only for the default style, you don't have the option to overwrite it.
- i'd like to also be able to overwrite the default style (and that should probably the default action... otherwise you would not have selected the "default style" in the list of styles to be imported!)


2018-11-26 19:37

manager   ~0045665

i don't see where a conflict could arrise:

- you ask to import a selection of styles
- you ask to overwrite existing styles

if you don't want the style to be overwritten, just don't ask to overwrite the styles and eventually manually manage later the single substitutions of styles.

we could ask for different behaviors for each imported style, but -- at the end of the day -- i think that what one mostly want is to replace all of the imported or none... and for the few cases where you want a different behavior for single styles, you can always import twice, picking different styles and a different behavior.

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