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0015474Scribus-public2018-11-05 16:33
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Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015474: rename, remove, add the default master pages when changing the layout
Descriptionsince it seems to be impossible to remove the default master pages, scribus should really manage them.

when moving from a single to a double layout, scribus should ask if the left or the right, both or none should get the content of the normal master page.
then the normal master page should be deleted (or renamed in left or right)

when moving from a double to a single layout, scribus should ask if the left, the right, or none should be inherited in the normal master page.
the left and right master pages should be deleted (or the one picked for the inheritance renamed).

please, the team, comment on this ticket to let the people know if this suggestion is something you'd like new contributor to work on.
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