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0015499ScribusPDFpublic2018-12-07 01:08
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Product Version1.4.7 
Summary0015499: PDF combo boxes and drop down down show arrows and other expected items
Descriptioni was watching tutorial on pdf combo boxes and there should be a drop down arrow when you create a PDF combo field. However, it doesn't appear either in creation in SCribus nor in exported PDF (tested with new document many times.

However, the data written into the field appears normally.

This is high priority because no one can create a usable fillable interactive PDF in the current condition.
Steps To Reproduce1. insert pdf combo or list box field
2. note: no drop down arrow, no indication that this field requires interactioon
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2018-12-05 17:36

administrator   ~0045683

I just did a test and Acrobat Reader displays an arrow when inserting a combo box but doesn't when inserting a list box, which is the expected behavior. Maybe you have confused combo box and list box fields?


2018-12-05 19:18

reporter   ~0045684

It doesn't show in Scribus at all when you do it.
However, suddenly now it does show the arrow but **only** in the PDF, not in scribus.
In former versions and all tutorials I see online you can see the grey drop down to know that you are working in a combo box.
BTW - 'drop down list' is a better name than 'combo box' I think. maybe survey a few others?
My forms are now working in the PDF only but not as expected in Scribus itself
Thanks for your attention to this, btw.


2018-12-05 21:02

administrator   ~0045685

The 1.5.x development version has already changes which allow comboboxes to display an arrow in Scribus itself. I don't remember that was the case in any 1.4.x or 1.3.x versions.


2018-12-06 00:19

reporter   ~0045686

allow this fine chap to blow your mind :)


2018-12-06 01:41

administrator   ~0045687

Last edited: 2018-12-06 01:50

Yeah, this tutorial clearly shows it has been done with Scribus 1.5.1. Not Scribus 1.4.x.


2018-12-06 18:28

reporter   ~0045688

i see. i also noticed a related bug. I'm not sure what's up with this. when you make a 'button' PDF, and then you put '' into the url field, when you export to pdf it does not work at all in any PDF reader that I could find. I can open a new bug i f you want? Here is what I expected:


2018-12-06 19:05

administrator   ~0045689

Last edited: 2018-12-06 19:13

No because submitting using mailto is unreliable, it supposes proper interaction between the pdf viewer and the mail client, which is a thing we do not control. See


2018-12-06 19:13

administrator   ~0045690

I just did a test: mailto submit works without issue on Windows using the Acrobat Reader DC + Thunderbird combination.


2018-12-06 19:24

reporter   ~0045691

in our community we only use free software so I can't test either of these. I am, however, using thunderbird. I found interestingly greater success using the exported PDF in the built in chrome browser, but still nothing works for the mailto part. I"ll try a few other native pdf readers I guess... good to hear it's working somewhere though... not sure why it wouldn't work... I would be happy to do it as html, or pdf, but none of them seem to work.

That said, when I entered some javascript into the button from this blog, it worked just fine creating a new email. That's the part that blows my mind.

bUI: false,
cTo: "",
cCC: "",
cSubject: "Submitting your awesome PDF by email is Fun",
cMsg: "Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated!"


2018-12-06 19:31

reporter   ~0045692

i meant built in chrome PDF reader in the browser. sorry


2018-12-06 19:41

administrator   ~0045693

Last edited: 2018-12-06 19:42

>> I"ll try a few other native pdf readers I guess...

Don't forget mailto submit requires an interaction between the pdf reader and the mail client, so the problem may also come from the mail client... As mentioned in, a pdf reader + mail client combination, which work on one system, may not work on another. For eg. on Mac, last time I tested, the Acrobat + Thunderbird combination did *not* work.


2018-12-06 20:51

reporter   ~0045694

thanks much.
Maybe I need to rethink this part. I was trying to avoid setting up a php submit server/setup but maybe I should just do that.
Will that make the submit button work on all systems? I'm just looking for a quick way to get the PDF back to us with the data in it.
Thanks for your ideas here.


2018-12-06 21:07

administrator   ~0045695

Last edited: 2018-12-06 21:09

>> Will that make the submit button work on all systems?

I have never tried to make submit as PDF work with http, but if you try to submit as PDF that won't work on all systems: with old Acrobat versions, forms had to be "Reader Enabled" with full Acrobat to allow PDF forms to be saved with Adobe Reader. So I strongly suspect submitting in PDF format will not work with those versions whatever protocol (http, mailto, ...) is used.

Fyi, it is more common to submit data as FDF for these simple reasons:
- a FDF file is much smaller to upload than a full PDF file
- as mentioned above, submitting as PDF is not guaranteed to work at all.


2018-12-06 21:38

administrator   ~0045696

See this also:

Honestly, I think that the moment you setup a php server, it is easier to use HTML forms than PDF forms...


2018-12-07 01:08

reporter   ~0045699

wow that fdf idea is a good one. that will assure that there is a better chance of the form working indeed.
i will have to learn how to set up the php server... hopefully it will work on our shared server..
thanks for help/ideas. for now the plan is:
1. use FDF as format
2. have users save-as and send back that way for now
3. figure out PHP (since current Scribus is not working the way i see. but my scribus is not development version only stable I believe)

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