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0015507Scribus-public2018-12-14 18:16
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Summary0015507: chain frames, do not link them
Descriptionin the UI there the terms "link" and "chain" are both used to get text frame chained together.

i suggest that only "chain" is to be used in the UI.

this affects (among others):

- the tooltip in the two toolbar buttons
- the menu entry (and its submenu) in "Item"
  i would simplify it in:
  - Text Chains
     - Chain Frames
     - Unchain Frames
     - Unchain and Cut
- the info in the context menu (the type becomes "linked text"
- the action history (the action is "link text frame"
- insert > frames > options
- the tooltip on the text overflow mark

this would free the term "link" for clickable links (and avoid that people confuse them)
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