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0015521ScribusUser Interfacepublic2020-10-31 19:47
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015521: Interface should allow both smcp and c2sc OpenType features to be applied to text.
DescriptionCurrently the user interface uses radio buttons or a combo box for OpenType capital features. You can have ordinary captials or small capitals (smcp) or small capitals from capitals (c2sc), but you can't combine small capitals (smcp) with small capitals from capitals (c2sc).

It would be nice to be able to apply both features to a frame or selection or character style. That way you can enter something in Title Case and have it automatically changed to all small caps.

(Also as a side note, it seems inconsistent to use combo boxes for OpenType features in the style editor but radio buttons in the text properties dialog.)
Steps To ReproduceChoose a font that supports both Small Capitals (smcp) and Small Capitals from Capitals (c2sc) OpenType features (e.g., Noto Sans Regular).

You can only apply one feature at a time.
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2020-10-31 18:16

reporter   ~0048273

Dear Scribus developers,

I currently raised the same issue in the mailing list and was asked to file a bug report.
I can only confirm everything that was stated in this already existing report by dcpurton:

(1) Both features (smcp + c2sc) should be activatable at the same time.
(2) Consequently, capital features should have check boxes instead of radio buttons or a combo box.
(3) Using combo boxes for OpenType features in the style editor but radio buttons in the text properties dialog is inconsistent and somewhat confusing.

Additionally, I would like to make the following suggestions:

(4) If the above improvements are made, it will be superflouos to have a “standard capitals” option, because standard capitals are automatically used when smcp and/or c2sc are deactivated. So this would be “redundant” and could be confusing.
(5) It would be much more sensible to add the option “All Capitals”. Although this is not a real OpenType feature, it would be very sound to add this option at this place of the program. It is an option that is not available in Scribus, at the moment. But in LibreOffice Writer, for example, it exists and proves to be very helpful.

I would be very grateful if you implemented these things and will be available if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


2020-10-31 19:47

reporter   ~0048274

The same holds true for “Petite Capitals” (pcap) and “Petite Capitals from Capitals” (c2pc) (see e.g. the font “EB Garamond”).

I meant “Default Capitals”, and not “standard capitals”.

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