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0015532ScribusMaster Pagespublic2019-06-04 20:55
Reporteraiena Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015532: SVG imported into masterpage shows "out of bounds" in pre flight
DescriptionUsing 1.5.5svn on Windows (compiled from source git commit - d857c1a3430acf207cdde2512db6822c45e98732 -- "Bump about date")

I have one svg which I had made in inkscape. It has multiple sub objects.
If I place this on a regular page preflight gives no errors.
If I place the same object on a master page and then use the master page pre flight complains. Object out of bounds.

-> I cannot reproduce this with a small simple object. But it is consistently reproducible with this svg.
-> In both cases the objects were imported at original scale no scaling was applied.
-> In both cases the object was snapped to the absolute top right corner of the page (not margin)
Steps To Reproduce1) Download the svg made in Inkscape from here
2) Create a new page with dimensions 6.053 x 8.463 in
3) Import the svg into a regular page and snap it to the top right corner
4) Export as pdf. Pre flight is happy.
5) Delete this imported svg from the regular page
6) Place the svg the same way in a master page
7) Apply this master page to a regular page
8) Export as pdf. Pre flight gives several "out of bounds" errors
Additional InformationThis seems to disapear the moment you ungroup all objects in the master page. When the svg is imported it is imported grouped by scribus.

The objects if grouped in a regular page export fine.

I feel the behaviour should be consistent in both places.
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