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0015535ScribusScripterpublic2019-01-14 11:14
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Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0015535: RFE: Add reload file option in the script console
DescriptionCurrently there is no reload file option in the Script console. Since the text editor is very limited. We may prefer an external text editor for development example Notepad++. But we need the console to see python interpreter error messages etc.

If we have a reload file option mapped to "Ctrl + R" in the "Script Console" window. We can always edit in an external program and execute in the console for debugging.

The internal editor does not have autocomplete for variable names or a feature to duplicate a line etc.

Since Scribus is mainly for typesetting I do not expect it to have these features. But a reload file option is important as the only way to debug a script is via the console.
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