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0015536ScribusScripterpublic2019-01-14 11:26
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Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0015536: Cannot keep scribus help windows and scripter console maximised same time on same screen
DescriptionIts possible to have the help window open and the script console open. But if the Help windows is active with developer API and you select the "Script console" window, the help window get minimised.

On a dual monitor setup you can force the help window to remain open in a maximised state on another screen.

tested on Ms Windows 10 with Scribus 1.5.5svn built from source.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open Scribus 1.5.5svn
2) Open the help window with "F1" make it occupy the left/right half of your screen
3) Open the scripter console and play around with trying to keep both open
Additional InformationI think this stems from the fact that there is some special logic to bring the help window to the background when activating the main Scribus window (I do not notice this behavior for other windows/panels like text properties, align panel, script console etc.).

 This logic is however broken on my Windows 10 because if the window is there in the background pressing "F1" again does not bring it to the foreground only closing the window makes F1 re open it.

One suggestion would be to make the help pannel/window behave like other panels/windowas and stay maximised and in the foreground till the user minimises it.
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2019-01-14 11:26

reporter   ~0045787

I am unable to reproduce this on a Linux VM. It seems to be something specific to Windows. Is it possible for someone with a Windows OS to try and reproduce?

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