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0015545ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-01-21 07:46
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Summary0015545: Add option to zoom with mouse wheel as default
DescriptionScribus is a fantastic program and I really appreciate all time put into all it's great features! There is however one thing I really feel is missing and that is to add an option to zoom using the mouse wheel as default. That is, without having to hold CTRL down. I work that way in GIMP, Inkscape, GODOT, Blender and several other creative programs I use as part of my work, and Scribus is the only one where I can't make zoom default. For my workflow I use zoom a lot more than scroll, and since middle-click pans around the canvas I don't see a reason why scrolling up and down would be needed for the mouse as well. Since this somehow is the default for some other programs I can see that the current configuration might remain standard. What I'm suggesting is simply an option to make the mouse wheel zoom instead, just like the similar option in Inkscape.
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