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0015593ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2021-06-11 16:36
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Summary0015593: Trigger embeded-in-text Image edit
DescriptionWhen an image frame is embeded into a text frame, it's possible to double click on the image so as to edit it,
but it's too difficult to toggle the embeded-image edit mode :
for some unknown reason, it takes several attempts.
Sometimes it works, most of the time, it doesnt and I havent found a reproducible way to enter embeded-image-frame edit mode.

Triggering embeded image edit mode should be made more easy.

For example : In text edit mode, it's possible to select an embeded image with the text selection tool. Scribus could detect situation when the selected text is made of a single image frame [ or when it includes such an image frame ] and in such a situation it would propose a dedicated right click option to edit that image frame, or better : ENTER key would switch to edit-embeded-image-frame mode.
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2021-06-02 17:39

developer   ~0049149

Last edited: 2021-06-02 17:45

Meanwhile : does anybody know a trick or workaround to make it more easy to edit an inlined image frame ?


2021-06-11 14:58

developer   ~0049165

Last edited: 2021-06-11 15:16

I have found ! It was difficult to discover, but then it becomes very easy to trigger the text-inlined image-edit mode :
Dont use any keyboard modifier, dont select image : just enter text-edit mode and place the edit carret just before text-inlined image, then double-click on the image...
That's it !


2021-06-11 16:33

developer   ~0049166

I documented this here : (at the end as a last entry) and while doing so i discovered that "embeded" is probably a better wording than "inline" so i edited this post also.


2021-06-11 16:36

developer   ~0049167

So there IS a easy way to enter text-embeded object edit mode.
Initial proposal still stands : As for now, when an embeded image is selected, clicking or double clicking does nothing. Entering edit mode requires to have empty selection and have the editing carret just before the embeded object.
It would help discovery (and easy use) when the double click would also apply when there is an embeded image selected.

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