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0015605ScribusScripterpublic2019-03-19 19:06
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Summary0015605: request for some new scripter API commands
DescriptionIn view of nr. 0015129 and,3216.0.html, I wonder if it could be possible to add following commands to the scripter API:

1) setPageNMargins()
2) setPageNSize()
3) gotoPage(number, ["name"]) where the option "name" means the name of an open Scribus document in order to switch between two open Scribus documents (for example to copy objects from document-1 and paste them into document-2).

These additions would simplify the scripts I am working on.
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2019-03-19 19:06

reporter   ~0046021

Another one: 4) getBaseLine(grid, offset) - see BASEGRID and BASEO in the .sla-file.

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