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0015623ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-03-29 11:06
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Summary0015623: the html importer should recognize class="stylename"
Descriptionwhen loading an html file into a text frame, scribus should recognize the names of the css styles used in the document.

html has two types of elements: block elements and inline elements. classes defined for the first one should become paragraph styles and the others character styles.

for a first implementation, having all styles created is probably good enough.
further enhancements could bring a confirmation dialog for the styles to be created (where styles can be removed from the list or moved from paragraph to character styles).

for the follwing block items scribus should add the styles as paragraph styles to the enclosed paragraphs:

- address
- article
- aside
- footer
- header
- main
- section
- ol
- dl
- dt
- div
- figure
- ul
- main

for the following block items, scribus should create paragraph styles and apply them to the paragraph (instead of the paragraph with the name of the item that it would otherwise use)

- h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
- blockquote
- dd
- figcaption
- li
- p
- pre

styles defined in this block elements can probably be ignored:

- nav
- dir
- hr

for inline elements should create and apply character styles (we should probably only support the ones that are already supported by scribus):

- a
- abbr
- b
- bdi
- bdo
- cite
- code
- data
- dfn
- em
- i
- kbd
- mark
- q
- rb
- rp
- rt
- rtc
- ruby
- s
- samp
- small
- span
- strong
- sub
- sup
- time
- tt
- u
- var
- wbr

we can probably ignore:

- br

a full list of elements can be found at
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2019-03-29 11:06

manager   ~0046052

i can work on this if the team gives the ok.

the priority would be in being able to read the output of

pygmentize -f html -l python -O "lineseparator=" -o test.html

and to get scribus to finally do syntax highlighting for code in an "easy way"...

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