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0015659ScribusPlug-inspublic2019-05-01 20:52
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Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0015659: OneNote-Killer plugin needed
DescriptionIf you could add a syntax codebox/hilighter/editor 'frame' ( vertically scrollable ) that could be( optionally)prefilled, or
much better: filled from a file link and scrolled to a line parameter.

This would provide a code-view-portal object that would make this a killier-appfor NOTE-TAKING overthrowing Onenote
,that does away with worry of Microsoft whims and closed sourced-ness.

For example: documenting Atmel's crazed USB descriptor code in their ASF software libraries, which is abstractio crazy: has #defines loading structs then loading other structs with pointers to other yet structs.

It's painful to take notes about. I owrk for Microchip/Atmel so I know.
OneNote is the only application that almost does everything to make this a reality and easier,

Scribus is only missing the scrollable "code-view-portal" object frame that can be linked and loaded from a local file.

Scribus could fill this void perfectly with this addition. Literally could rule the classroom note taking apps -as well as- it's proven publishing expertise.
Best regards, Lee Studley EE Microchip
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2019-04-23 15:32

manager   ~0046148

do you want syntax highlighting for code typed in scribus?


2019-04-23 21:03

reporter   ~0046151

Yes, syntax highlighting for code typed in scribus would make coders very happy.
I noticed might make the plugin easier.
The reasoning behind the scrollable "code frame" is to allow a smaller section of the linked code to be viewed but
still allow the overall page to contain lots of notes and object like diagramming w/o being taken up by the code listing in the
"code frame". As it is scrollable, you could still see it's contents. Attached is a mockup done in Onenote. Scribus is so close and really
 the only program out there that comes could blow Onenote away. No other note programs have the drawing over the document features

I realize the scrollable feature might not be in line with its strength in desktop publishing.
Maybe if the scroll-to parameter given as a property would determine what the set scrolled content view snapshot
used when saved to publishing formats such as a pdf or other format.

Great appreciation for listening!
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2019-04-24 07:21

manager   ~0046155

based on,3258.msg15240.html#msg15240

i've started

i will do a presentation on it in a couple of weeks, so it will work for python code very soon...

concerning the "scrollable" part: scribus is for printing... i don't think it's such a good idea to use it for taking notes that will be consumed on screen.
if it works for you, it's fine, but i'm not sure that adding features that do not fit in a print workflow is a good idea.


2019-05-01 20:52

reporter   ~0046171

I was able to do exactly what I want with Wysiwyg Web Builder and msg passing to iFrames w/ Prism highlighter.
When I get time I will build Scribus and add this using QT's extra features and the example highlighting mentioned.

I strongly think the scrolling window( w/ Syntax highlight) frame type has merit in scribus for compact notetaking. br -Lee

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