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0015688ScribusImport / Exportpublic2019-05-17 04:03
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionDebian testing
Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0015688: PDF Type 3 radial shading imports incorrectly
DescriptionThe attached PDF contains a Type 3 radial shading. When importing into Scribus there is a horizontal and vertical offset and the resulting shading is clipped. The gradient itself appears to import correctly since your fix for issue 15685. Thanks!
Steps To ReproduceImport (via File→Import→Get Vector File…) or open directly the attached PDF and compare with output in some other PDF viewer.
Additional InformationThe attached PDF was produced with LaTeX and PGF/TikZ with the following code:

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2019-05-17 04:03


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