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0015707ScribusFontspublic2021-05-15 09:10
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PlatformMacOSMojaveOS Version10.14.5
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015707: Additional Path for fonts is lost
DescriptionSometimes the additional font path that is set in preferences is lost. Consequence is that my fonts are not found. My fonts are managed by FontExplorer. I have the fonts for Scribus in a separate folder ~/Library/Fonts_Scribus.
Steps To ReproduceSet in preferences the additional font path.
Sometimes this path is gone when I open Scribus.
When I add the additional font path and restart Scribus it works again until the path is lost.


has duplicate 0016565 closedjghali Path for additional fonts not stored permanently 


Luna Nightshade

2019-06-08 16:10

reporter   ~0046292

I have had that under Windows as well. But I can not say what the trigger is.


2019-06-12 07:58

manager   ~0046294

does it happen also when you have restarted your computer inbetween?

otherwise, it could be that you have two scribus open, change the setting in one of them, restart it, use it, close it and only after that close the second one... which would lead to the setting being reverted to what the second one had...

but if you

- set the setting
- restart the computer
- use the setting

... then there must be a different (real) reason for the value being reset...

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