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0015714ScribusGeneralpublic2019-06-17 13:26
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Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0015714: Allow pictures to be stored on Google Drive
DescriptionWe publish a club magazine using Scribus 1.4.5. The magazine is made by 2 different persons, A and B, person A works on a MAC and person B works on a Windows machine.
Persons A and B work on it on different days and the results are as a next version downloaded on Google Drive.
All tekst, pictures, sla’s etc are in the same Directory on Google Drive.
Unfortunately person B can only see on Scribus the tekst, lay-out etc. made by person A but NOT the pictures and person A can only see on Scribus the tekst, lay-out etc. and NOT the pictures made by person B.
This is very annoying as you may understand......
Please advise on how to solve this.
Thanks and regards.
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2019-06-17 08:19

manager   ~0046310

when the images are not in the same directory as the scribus file, scribus can only use the absolute path to the image.

as far as i can tell, those paths cannot be the same on a mac and on windows computer.

for many workflows it's a good idea to copy the images inside of the project's directory *before* inserting them into scribus. it this is fine for you, you might then be able to share the .sla across multiple computers... but even in that case, there is no guarantee that it will work in100% of the case (that is: scribus might still use an absolute path).

for transferring a project from one computer to another, you can use "file > collect for output", but scribus does not provide a real solution for sharing a project between two computers.


2019-06-17 13:23

administrator   ~0046316

Well given the information we have already from 0015097, it seems the paths Google Drive provides are not uniform across platforms and seems to depend on user name. The sample path given in 0015097 also suggest the kind of paths used on *nix contains characters forbidden in a path on Windows. Given these facts it seems Google Drive is simply not suitable for linking images in a document in a cross-platform way. A Google search suggest that Indesign has the same kind of problem.

As ale suggest, the most reliable solution is to have images all stored in a subdirectory of the directory where the sla document is saved and to import images from that subdirectory. For transferring data, use File > Collect for output and copy the collected data to Google Drive for synchronization purpose.


2019-06-17 13:25

administrator   ~0046317

Modifying severity to feature as opening sla document or image links from Google Drive is at this point simply not supported.

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