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0015749InfrastructureGeneralpublic2019-08-02 14:55
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Summary0015749: Scribus Wiki - Search appears to be broken
DescriptionI am trying to use the online documentation in the Scribus Wiki. There are lots of pages that cannot be found using the on-screen search box. I only found them by using Google.
Steps To ReproduceFor example, I wanted to learn about importing SVG. I typed 'SVG' in the search box, but it only found one page listing various external resources. The information I needed was actually on this page.

This page cannot be found using any obvious search terms.

In fact, entire sections of the Wiki seem to be unreachable using Search. I can't seem to find anything in the 'Help' tree at all.
Additional InformationIt seems like a simple structural problem that should be easy to fix.
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