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Summary0015765: default transparent fill color for form fields
DescriptionDefault fill color for form fields is "None" (transparent). But in PDF export 3 fields get white fill color: radio button, combo box, list box.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open attached test file.
2. Export it to PDF. See white background for radio button, combo box, and list box.

Additional InformationExpected result: See other attached PDF (modified in external PDF editor).

I understand that white color is good in most situation for these field types but the problem is that user can't change fill color to transparent.

Proposal: When user add these field types set fill color to "white". In this case user can change fill color to "None".



2019-08-11 20:23


Fields.sla (32,634 bytes)
Fields.pdf (191,612 bytes)
Fields, expected.pdf (178,599 bytes)


2019-09-09 10:04

administrator   ~0046644

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The problem is that there is no reliable way to make the background of form fields transparent. The issue is that there is one thing which is not controlled by the PDF producer : this is the highlight color which is controlled by the PDF viewer. Here is below what you "Fields, expected.pdf" file looks like in Adobe Reader DC. You will note that due to the highlight color:
1) the widgets are still not transparent, except buttons
2) the transparent color cause a rendering issue with radio buttons

I remember there was some issue at least for listboxes and comboboxes if their background was transparent. However I don't remember the exact nature of the issues as at that time this is Franz who made the fixes. However it seems there are still real problems related with transparent background and listboxes at least:

So at this point, I don't think we can fix this issue.

15765_acrodc_screenshot.png (117,512 bytes)   
15765_acrodc_screenshot.png (117,512 bytes)   

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