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Summary0015769: LaTeX Rendering Frames: documentation could be clarified and extended

I don't think these documents make it clear enough that you can use your own LaTeX preamble if you untick the 'use preamble' box in 'Edit source...'.

As a result, my post in favour of LaTeX render frames contains an error [quote author=crlMIDI link=topic=2641.msg15838#msg15838 date=1564749591]. I would like advice before correcting this.

The preamble must often be modifiable to 1) call babel language packages, 2) to have access to nice fonts. The Wikis don't give enough information, for example on the syntax and usage of the special codes $scribus_XXX$ with respect to standard LaTeX code for page size, margins, etc.

My unmodified code (attached) for part of a book in French I typeset works in principle, apart for non-fatal errors I didn't try to correct (copy/pasted from Texstudio with TexLive/pdflatex). In the absence of the special Scribus codes the text doesn't adjust to the frame.

If the source documentation has enough information and examples, I may be able to write on this subject and provide a template for those who don't know LaTeX.
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