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0015786ScribusStylespublic2019-08-27 06:55
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Summary0015786: remove the edit button from the style manager
Descriptionin another ticket, peter suggests to remove the edit button from the style manager and always leave the manager open.
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2019-08-24 13:49

manager   ~0046535

after some thoughts, the closed style manager indeed makes little to no sense.
if there is the no drawback from removing that button, i'm fine with removing the button and keeping the manager always "open".

personally, in the future i would like to have a style manager where you can see and edit multiple styles at a a time.
on top of it paragraph style should not have character formatting, but link to a paragraph style (that's the main reason why you will need to have multiple style open at the same time).


2019-08-24 14:20

administrator   ~0046536

What edit button in the story editor to you speak about? If you speak about the edit button from style manager, this one does not only enlarge/reduce the window; The fact is that this edit button triggers a special style manager edit mode. The modifications performed while in edit mode will not been seen by document until the user click the Apply button or until user click the Finished button. Also until Finished button is not clicked, styles cannot be applied from style manager.

So at this moment removing the edit button is out of question as well as leaving style manager always open. Once style are defined, they can be applied from text properties palettes and there is not much need to leave style manager open.


2019-08-24 14:57

developer   ~0046537

It is the button ( Edit>> )
Edit_button.jpg (47,057 bytes)   
Edit_button.jpg (47,057 bytes)   


2019-08-24 15:00

manager   ~0046538

(sorry, i love so much the story editor... title fixed)

thanks for the explanation.

... it's not my proposal, but, i think that by leaving the style manager open, peter thinks of not collapsing it.
at least, this is what i understood.

i agree that bigger changes should be done in a new manager, and i'm not that hot in changing things in there.
but if it's easy to keep it big / open / expanded all the time, i think that this will help some users.
of course, if the collapsed / small / closed mode does not have some magic in there that makes it useful.
(personally, i don't think i've used it in closed mode...)


2019-08-27 06:55

manager   ~0046545

@jghali, after having sorted out that this ticket is about the style manager and that open means "expanded", is it possible to implement this or we need a full rewrite and should close this ticket?

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