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0015855ScribusPDFpublic2019-11-27 08:50
ReporterGibbz Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.5 
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Summary0015855: PDF import errors
DescriptionImport the attached pdf. Notice there are several issues with the import.
It imports fine in inkscape.
Steps To Reproduceimport to a new blank document.
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2019-10-16 00:04


Option 5(1).pdf (1,946,534 bytes)


2019-10-16 06:56

manager   ~0046789

when opening the pdf, i get a full white wide item.

if i start ungrouping the item, the content starts showing up, one part at a time.

most of the items are there, but they're all a bit screwed...


2019-11-14 22:20

reporter   ~0047081

I have just found that if I change the fill rule from "Non Zero" to "Even-Odd" on the text shapes, this fixes the fill issues on the text which is curves.
Looks like this may be all that is wrong....


2019-11-25 20:07

reporter   ~0047135

I got this error on 1.5.5 and have some new hints.
1) I imported svg to file with a content. Some colors are replaced with one of them (5 browns, see the screenshot, previous colors are in color name) in entire document.
2) Color "None" got brown too. All surfaces and line "without color" are brown.
3) Error did NOT occur when used drag&drop to import svg.
4) The error does not depend on fill rule (mentioned by @Gibbz).

1) Have a file with some content and colors in it.
2) Import there a svg file with colors. Ungroup it, metge and replace old colors with the imported onces (my way to define new palette).
3) Import the same file once again (I have made several changes in the file, though).
4) Colors are damaged.

Attached screenshots
image.png - second svg just imported. The content and color palette reflect damaged palette state. Colored rectangles are formely imported svg, on the screenshot are not changed yet (not know why, not yet rendered?)
image2.png - little bit later. Even svg content changed to brown.
image3.png - in colors dialog you can see None color as brown.

P.S.: There may be some incorrectness in terminology. I am using Czech locale
P.S.2: Scribus version 1.5.5; 31st July 2019; Build ID: C--T-*-C1.16.0-Windows-64bit; Ghostscript version 9.27

1911.sla (386,738 bytes)
colors.svg (49,065 bytes)
image.png (419,297 bytes)
image.png (419,297 bytes)
image2.png (745,124 bytes)
image2.png (745,124 bytes)
image3.png (584,091 bytes)
image3.png (584,091 bytes)


2019-11-27 08:50

reporter   ~0047151

Update for #c47135:
After this the brown color passed as default color for fill and stroke instead of None. On a screen there is a new created text frame:

image-2.png (116,461 bytes)
image-2.png (116,461 bytes)

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