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0015855ScribusPDFpublic2020-03-26 07:59
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Product Version1.5.5 
Summary0015855: PDF import errors
DescriptionImport the attached pdf. Notice there are several issues with the import.
It imports fine in inkscape.
Steps To Reproduceimport to a new blank document.
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2019-10-16 00:04


Option 5(1).pdf (1,946,534 bytes)


2019-10-16 06:56

manager   ~0046789

when opening the pdf, i get a full white wide item.

if i start ungrouping the item, the content starts showing up, one part at a time.

most of the items are there, but they're all a bit screwed...


2019-11-14 22:20

reporter   ~0047081

I have just found that if I change the fill rule from "Non Zero" to "Even-Odd" on the text shapes, this fixes the fill issues on the text which is curves.
Looks like this may be all that is wrong....


2020-03-26 00:41

administrator   ~0047457

Last edited: 2020-03-26 00:45

@venclj, this issue is about PDF import. Your comments are completely out of topic.


2020-03-26 00:46

administrator   ~0047458

@venclj, I will consequently delete your comments from this issue.


2020-03-26 01:01

administrator   ~0047459

Issue has been mostly fixed thanks to Pontobart patch on issue 0016073. It seems there is still a few rectangles which are imported out of place, but that looks like this is all what is remaining in this issue.


2020-03-26 07:28

reporter   ~0047461

The out of place rectangles are actually in the PDF file. Viewers do not show them because they are outside of the crop box. Scribus could ignore them by initializing the crop box correctly to the PDF crop box on each new page. On the other hand some people might want to see the out of bounds items to work with them. In my opinion the better choice would be to crop away.


2020-03-26 07:59

manager   ~0047463

simply keeping the items from outside of the cropbox seems indeed to be wrong.

scribus might ask at import time which box should be retained. the crop box seems to be a good default.

the most common case probably being crop marks that should not be imported.
but, indeed, sometimes one might want to import the full PDF...

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