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Summary0015894: Indigo UI: What to do with the "Enable / disable" button for single items in the XYZ pane?
DescriptionWhile going through Martin's proposal (Indigo UI), I've noticed that he moves the "Printer" button that enables / disables the export an item to an expandable "Advanced" section, without any "thematic" group around it.

Personally, in my first proposal for integrating the Indigo UI, I'd prefer avoiding expandable sections.
The solution would then be to put that button on its own row. (or somehow where it does not really logically fit)

But, when thinking about how often I've used it in the past, I wonder if it's a good idea to keep it.

It's not that I want to see it disappear, but:

- I would prefer not to use the precious place in the XYZ pane for it.
- I don't see where to put it otherwise.
- It's probably a dangerous feature: the icon is very descrete and somebody might inadvertently click on it while the mouse wanders over it and then wonder for a long time why it does not show up in the pdf.
  Moving the item to an ad hoc layer looks to me like a much safer solution when you don't want specific items to be in the pdf.
  (I'm pretty sure that we already had people in the forums that had this specific issue!)

As said, if it's no agreement for moving the button somewhere else or for removing it, I'll leave it on its own row (or next to the levels...). But it is really a "good" feature?
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