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0015907ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-04 11:49
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Summary0015907: by default hide features that are not stable / fully tested
Descriptionit's not always possible to do so, but i think that scribus should by default hide features that are not stable yet (are we have to expect that will stay unstable for some time).

this is about disabling and enabling the menu entries and the keyboard shortcuts, not the feature itself.

the user can then enable them in the preferences (on top of it, we could automatically detect the features and enable them (for the session?) when a scribus opens a document containing them)

before the release of 1.6 we should very likely hide:

- the footnotes. (too many things do not work and break)
- some or all other marks. (no idea about their state... but i fear that they are not enough tested)

other candidates are:

- tables (deceptive: people expect fully working tables: having to enable them makes them aware that they are not as powerful as they expect)
- file > print (in too many cases it does not work correctly; and people are really advised to first create a pdf)
- welding (too complex to use; not really clear what it allows to do; missing features)

i can work on this, if you tell me to do so.
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