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0015958ScribusImport / Exportpublic2021-03-17 11:13
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015958: Get "Group clips content" to work with imported vectors and the "Crop to" option
DescriptionWhen importing a Pdf, I can choose to crop it to a few different page boxes.

But this seems not to have any effect on what Scribus will be showing on the page.

Playing with the the group shape and "Group clip content" seems to suggest that Scribus is using the correct box, but then it scales the full content to the box. Instead of leaving the marks outside of it.

Currently, there is no way to "correctly" resize a group so that "Group clips content" will show some specific area of the group. Finding a way to do so, will probably solve the import issue.
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has duplicate 0016513 closedjghali PDF import as vector does not respect trim or bleed box 



2021-03-17 09:44

reporter   ~0048951

Here is something I noted in this context (current svn):
- draw a few shapes and crop them
- edit the shape of the group in a way which does not change the rectangular bounding box (e.g. pull in oppositie corners)
- observe that the cropping works
- edit the shape so that the bounding box changes (move in another corner)
- observe that as soon as you do that the content is resized according to the changed bounding box
So, it might even be that the import sets up the shape correctly but then a bounding box recalculation kicks in and resizes the content to the extent of the bbox


2021-03-17 09:46

reporter   ~0048952

"draw a few shapes and group them" (not "crop", sorry)


2021-03-17 11:13

reporter   ~0048953

To my uninfomed eye it seems that ScribusDoc::resizeGroupToContents() in scribus/scribusdoc.cpp does not take into account the original PoLine (nor the fact whether we clip or not) when computing the extents of the items in the group, which is the base for the scaling old/new. Emphasis on "uninformed", though ;)

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