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0015960ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-25 16:45
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
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Summary0015960: keep the name of items when importing pages
Descriptionwhen importing pages from other documents, scirbus should try to keep the same item names..
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2019-11-25 16:31

manager   ~0047133

following the path between the point where the command is given to import a page and the point where the new item is created (with a new name...) gives little chances that the behavior can be changed...

- bool ScribusMainWindow::slotPageImport()
  - loadPage(dia->getFromDoc(), pageNs[0] - 1, false);
- bool ScribusMainWindow::loadPage(const QString& fileName, int Nr, bool Mpa, const QString& renamedPageName)
  - if (!fl->loadPage(doc, Nr, Mpa, renamedPageName))
- bool FileFormat::loadPage(const QString & fileName, int pageNumber, bool Mpage, const QString& renamedPageName) const
  - bool success = plug->loadPage(fileName, pageNumber, Mpage, renamedPageName);
- Scribus150Format::loadPage()
  - success = readObject(m_Doc, reader, itemInfo, fileDir, true, masterPageName);
- bool Scribus150Format::readObject(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, ItemInfo& info, const QString& baseDir, bool loadPage, const QString& renamedPageName)
  - PageItem* newItem = pasteItem(doc, attrs, baseDir, itemKind, pagenr);
- PageItem* Scribus150Format::pasteItem(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs, const QString& baseDir, PageItem::ItemKind itemKind, int pagenr)
  - z = doc->itemAdd(pt, PageItem::Unspecified, x, y, w, h, 1, doc->itemToolPrefs().imageFillColor, doc->itemToolPrefs().imageStrokeColor, itemKind);
- int ScribusDoc::itemAdd(const PageItem::ItemType itemType, const PageItem::ItemFrameType frameType, double x, double y, double b, double h, double w, const QString& fill, const QString& outline, PageItem::ItemKind itemKind)
  - newItem = createPageItem(itemType, frameType, x, y, b, h, w, fill, outline);
- PageItem* ScribusDoc::createPageItem(const PageItem::ItemType itemType, const PageItem::ItemFrameType frameType, double x, double y, double b, double h, double w, const QString& fill, const QString& outline)
  - newItem = new PageItem_TextFrame(this, x, y, b, h, w, CommonStrings::None, outline);
- PageItem::PageItem(ScribusDoc *pa, ItemType newType, double x, double y, double w, double h, double w2, const QString& fill, const QString& outline)
  - int nameNum = m_Doc->TotalItems;
    m_itemName += tmp.setNum(m_Doc->TotalItems);


2019-11-25 16:45

manager   ~0047134

the main question: when duplicating / copy pasting an item, do we want to get a new number or the "current item (2)"?

for scripting, the question is only partially relevant (we can always find out what the name of the current / created item.

so, the main use case is when you import a page from a different document and you want the items to have a specific name (that you can use in your script)... or when you duplicate a page...
in such cases, with the current way of simply increasing the number, i don't see a way to know how the single items have been renamed...

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